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Carpet Cleaning with the most sophisticated hot water extraction methods

We clean your carpets while protecting them and leaving them fresh and beautiful. Unlike many other carpet cleaners out there in Boston, we use a proprietary hot water extraction cleaning method in our carpet cleaning and maintenance service in Boston. This cleaning method allows our team to safely remove dirt, bacteria, spots, and odors within the recesses of the fibers in your carpet, and that too, without resorting to detergents or shampoos. Detergents and shampoos can leave behind residue, which over the long run, can damage your carpet further and also decrease its lifespan. So, the next time you need a professional carpet cleaning and maintenance service in Boston, contact Boston Pro Steam Cleaning Services! We are the best carpet cleaner near you.

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When cleaning carpets, we take great care in preserving their quality and the integrity of their unique designs and characteristics. We choose our cleaning techniques only after we determine the type of carpet that we have at hand. For instance, sometimes, the process of cleaning luxury carpets can be different from that of contemporary carpets because the former is often handwoven and hand-dyed, which means that they require special care and skill. Over the years, we have accrued enough experience to be able to give your oriental carpets the meticulous treatment that they deserve so that their beauty is preserved for many more years to come.

As professionals who clean carpets in Boston, we are aware that rugs are important artifacts that are appreciated not just for the designs they feature but also for the sentimentality associated with them. Carpets can also be pieces of heirloom furniture that are handed down from one family to the next. As a result of this, we are aware of how vital it is for you to preserve your health for the longest possible period of time. In the course of our routine carpet cleaning process, we make use of cleaning technologies that are both safe and effective. These methods remove dirt, debris, pet dander, and also waste & odors from pet urine from your carpet. Before we clean each carpet, we examine it thoroughly and report back to you any issues that require special attention or repairs.

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